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Cycling Analysis & Bike Fitting

Why Get A Professional Bike Fit?

Cycling is…..

“a marriage between a somewhat adaptable human body and a somewhat adjustable machine”

Dr Andy Pruitt, PhD.

Bike fitting is a process that seeks to optimise the relationship between body and bike in order to maximise comfort and performance whilst minimising the risk of injury within the context of individual needs and capabilities. The relative importance of each of the domains of comfort, injury prevention and performance varies with participation level (e.g. recreational vs competitive) and event type (e.g. social rides vs time trials vs multi-day stage racing).

When riding volume/intensity is low and performance is not a concern the need for comprehensive fitting services is correspondingly low – simple rules of thumb and basic advice often suffice. As riding volume, frequency and intensity increases though, the margin for error in bicycle configuration diminishes, especially when performance is prioritised. In this situation, comfort, injury prevention and performance (and their various sub-elements) frequently present competing demands and so much of bike fitting involves determining where and to what extent compromises must be made to achieve the best possible outcome.

Some riders have the knowledge and intrinsic body awareness to figure this out for themselves, however, for many the services of an experienced fitter can be invaluable in helping them get the most out of their cycling and avoid potentially costly pitfalls and mistakes along the way.

Why get fitted at Cycle Dynamics?

Cycling analysis and bike fitting services at Cycle Dynamics are conducted by a practitioner who is:

  • highly experienced in bike fit, having conducted thousands of fits in a professional capacity since 2006
  • a registered health practitioner (Sports Physiotherapist) with advanced clinical reasoning skills and the training to diagnose and treat injuries
  • a researcher in the field of cycling injury and performance (currently undertaking a PhD)
  • an accredited Level 2 Road and Track cycling Coach

Cycle Dynamics also has a specialised bike fitting studio equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done.