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About Cycle Dynamics


Background / History

Cycle Dynamics is a sports physiotherapy practice located in Toowong (Brisbane, Australia), owned and operated by APA Sports Physiotherapist¬†Ben Ward.¬†Founded in 2007 Cycle Dynamics commenced operating out of a local bike shop in West End called Cycleogical. When Cycleogical closed its doors in 2010 the business moved down the road to Cam’s Cycle Coaching (formerly Activ Cycle Coaching), remaining there until late 2016. The business then re-located to The Pedaler Cyclery and Podiatry in Milton before moving to its current home-based location in Toowong in September of 2017.

Facilities and Equipment

Bike Fit / Exercise Studio

  • Bike fitting platform with a Computrainer load generator (an alternate trainer capable of accommodating larger wheels/tyres is also available)
  • Thru-axle adapters to allow the majority of bikes equipped with these to be mounted on the trainer
  • 4-camera high-speed video analysis system allowing simultaneous capture of cycling from front, back and sides
  • Dynamically adjustable fitting bike with adjustable cranks
  • A number of bicycles fitted with adjustable length crank arms for on-road testing
  • A range of bike fitting products to assist with the optimisation of cycling mechanics and fit-related bicycle components
  • Squat rack with Olympic barbells, free weights, elastic resistance bands, gym balls etc.
  • Treadmill for running and walking gait analysis (using the same 4-camera system above if required)

Private Treatment Room

  • Well-appointed treatment room
  • Diagnostic realtime ultrasound machine to aid in diagnosis of certain conditions and muscle retraining

Client Shower / Change-Room

  • Need to freshen up after your appointment before going to work – no problem!

Free Off-Street Parking

  • Parking available at the top of the driveway