Subsequent Bike Fit / Bike Fit Review

What to expect

Once you arrive your bike will be mounted on our fitting platform. Its details and fit measurements will then be checked and documented if this has not already been done as part of a recent Initial Cycling Assessment or Subsequent Bike Fit /Bike Fit Review (assuming nothing has been changed or adjusted in the meantime). We will then proceed to review your current needs, goals and recent injury/medical/cycling history before conducting any necessary re-assessment (if you have recently undertaken an Initial Cycling Assessment and nothing has changed in the intervening days then this will be very brief).

If you have ridden to the consultation and are thereby pre-warmed up then we can get straight into the fitting process. If you have not had the opportunity to warm up in advance then you will be given the opportunity to do so (hint: riding to your appointment or arriving early enough to get warmed up make the process more time-efficient).

When conducting a bike fit we integrate information gained from the assessment, our direct observation and your subjective feedback when determining which adjustments or interventions to apply. We may also use static (goniometer, plumb line etc.) and dynamic (high-speed 2D video analysis) measurement methods to quantify aspects of your fit and help inform the fitting process, however, the methods we use and extent to which we use them will vary to suit individual needs and circumstances. Our over-arching philosophy is to treat the rider, not the numbers, and to deliver the service in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

At the end of the session your post-fit measurements will be documented and a report detailing your measurements and any recommendations will be emailed to you (usually within 24-48hrs).


Multiple bikes and/or pairs of cycling shoes

If you wish to have more than one bike and/or pair pf shoes fitted in one session then you must advise us of this in advance so we can reserve additional time.

We will advise you of the expected time requirement and any variation to our minimum fee. 

Things to bring (or send through prior) to your appointment

  • Your usual cycling clothing and footwear*
  • Your bike
  • Means of payment (card or cash)
Optional (but recommended)
  • Any potentially useful bicycle components you may have on hand (e.g. different handlebar stems, spare saddles, fresh cleats etc.)
  • Private Health Fund card if you wish to claim a rebate on the spot (see here for participating funds – select Physiotherapists)

Terms of Service

This service is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (see website footer).



The stated fee does not cover parts/components or other goods supplied in the course of providing the service.

To provide greater certainty with respect to fees, a Telehealth (video/phone) consultation can be arranged in advance to gather background information which can then be used to provide an estimate on time and cost for you. In doing so we will cap our fees at the upper end of the range provided. Note that our ability to estimate time/cost relies on accurate and complete information being provided. Our fee cap will not apply:

  • when dealing with circumstances we cannot be reasonably expected to foresee (e.g. time spent addressing a bicycle maintenance issue in order to be able to proceed);
  • where inaccurate/incomplete information is provided that materially impacts on our ability to estimate duration (e.g. failing to disclose in advance the presence of an injury requiring assessment); and/or
  • where additional work is requested in the course of the consultation that we were not advised of in advance.

Payment in full is due at the end of your consultation unless prior arrangements have been made.


Late Attendance

If you arrive late we may not be able to provide you with the full booked duration, however, the minimum fee will still apply. We recognise that sometimes things get in the way of arriving on time and so we allow a 10min grace period following your scheduled appointment start time before commencing billing for our time.


Cancellation / Rescheduling

Notice of intent to cancel or reschedule must be received by 5pm the day prior for morning appointments and by 7am on the day for afternoon appointments to avoid cancellation fees. This is so that we have sufficient opportunity to make the appointment to available to other clients and avoid financial harm to our business.

If notice of your intent to cancel/reschedule is not given by the applicable time then a fee equal to 50% of the minimum fee will apply. Note that this may be higher than stated on the service/fee schedule page where you have requested that additional time be set aside for your booking. This fee may be reduced or waived at our discretion where extenuating circumstances exist.