Pre-Purchase Fit

Why get a Pre-Purchase fit at Cycle Dynamics?

“Cycling is a marriage between a somewhat adaptable human body and a somewhat adjustable machine.”

Dr Andy Pruitt, PhD

A bicycle that is not suited to your body size, physical capabilities and intended use places significant constraints on the ability to achieve optimal fitting outcomes. This may contribute to pain, injury, poor performance and/or unsatisfactory (or even unsafe) bike handling, all of which may negatively impact enjoyment of cycling.

From a financial perspective, a new bicycle is not a trivial investment and if it does not fit well then there is potential to significantly increase the cost over time. It is our experience that riders with poorly fitting bicycles often need to make greater use of services provided by bike fitters, health practitioners and other providers (e.g. massage therapists) in an attempt to get comfortable and continue riding. Getting expert advice on the basis of a thorough assessment prior to purchase is therefore a worthy investment.

At Cycle Dynamics, the cost of getting fitted pre- and post-purchase is not substantially greater than getting fitted to an existing bike (typically 25-50% more) as much of what needs to be covered for a standard bike fit is covered in the Pre-Purchase Fit.

We do not sell complete bicycles, nor do we receive any commissions or other incentives from bicycle retailers or manufacturers, so you can be assured that the advice you receive is independent and in your best interest.

What to expect

When you first arrive we will conduct an inteview to determine your needs, goals and budget, as well well as review your injury/medical/cycling history. We will then proceed to conduct a physical screening before setting our adjustable fitting bike to a suitable starting configuration. You will then be asked to ride the fitting bike at a low workload (power output) while we make some quick adjustments to allow you to then warm up comfortably.

Once warmed-up we will then commence making adjustments in configuration (e.g. saddle and handlebar position, crank length, handlebar width, saddle width/profile etc.) at a range of workloads. These adjustments will be based on information gained from the interview and physical examination, our observations/measurements of your function on the fitting bike and your feedback. If necessary we will also do a basic cleat setup, however, cleat fitting is best performed on your new bike.

The aim of this session is to determine a window of fit parameters that are perceived as comfortable and meet your requirements, permitting the selection of a bicycle that allows this to be achieved without extreme adjustments. It is not intended, nor is is necessary for the purpose of frame selection, to predict with millimetre accuracy your final fit on the new bike. This is due to factors such as variability in your physical state over time and error associated with use of differing parts/components on the fitting bike as compared to your new bike. The latter would of course be greatly minimised by using the shoes, pedals, saddle and handlebars you intend to use on the new bike but is is rare that all of these are available in advance.

At the completion of the session we will reproduce your fit measurements in our CAD software program (BikeCAD), enabling us to review the geometry and configuration of various makes/models of stock bicycles or create a draft design for a custom bicycle, whichever is your requirement.

Stock bicycle fitting

We provide:

  • a shortlist (up to 5) of suitable makes/models and sizes
  • a PDF document detailing your fit measurements with specific recommendations for what we deem to be the most suitable option
  • review of up to 5 makes/models of bicycle – additional bikes $20 each.

There are obviously a large range of manufacturers to choose from so it would be helpful if you prepare for the appointment by conducting some research to determine which makes/models, features and aesthetic characteristics you prefer. This will allow us to narrow the search and not waste time looking at options you are unlikely to consider buying.

Note that we rely on geometry charts and specifications provide online at manufacturers’ websites for information. For recent models this is readily accessible and no action is required on your part for this. If, however, you are looking at purchasing an older model (e.g. a secondhand bike that is several years old) that is not currently listed on the manufacturer’s website then it would be helpful if you can search online, speak to a dealer or contact the manufacturer to get the necessary information for the relevant model year. Some manufacturers have a bike archive on their website, although the completeness of the information varies.

Custom bicycle fitting

We provide:

  • a PDF document summarising key requirements/considerations and fit measurements overlaid on a draft design to provide to the builder*
  • reasonable phone/email communication with you and/or the builder to discuss the project (we allow up to 1hr for this before billing for additional time)
  • review of up to 2 design revisions provided buy the builder (one of these would typically be the final version on which the production drawings would be based) to ensure that no foreseeable ergonomic or safety issues arise as a consequence of any variations in the design


Please note that any frame geometry or tubing specifications are indicative only. Our responsibility is the specification of appropriately-sized components and the relative positioning of the points of interface between rider and bicycle. The builder is responsible for the final frame design and selection of appropriate tubing dimensions, material and construction method to meet your needs and requirements. 

Riders with an injury or musculoskeletal condition

The fixed price PRE-PURCHASE FIT option does not include assessment of specific injuries or musculoskeletal conditions (i.e. conditions affecting the muscles, joints or nerves). For the purpose of this service we define an injury/musculoskeletal condition as something that meets any of the following criteria:

  • pain or other symptoms causing non-trivial limitation of your cycling and/or other daily activities
  • obvious signs of tissue injury such as swelling, inflammation, deformity etc.
  • loss or non-trivial impairment in function of the affected body part (e.g. loss of muscle power or co-ordination)

Muscular discomfort and other non-serious symptoms that do not limit participation or performance are common place in cycling and so are within the scope of this service.

Riders who have an injury/condition meeting the above criteria should instead select the INITIAL CYCLING ASSESSMENT and advise us at the time of booking that you are seeking pre-purchase advice.

Serious medical issues should of course be assessed by an appropriate medical practitioner prior to fitting.

Things to bring (or send through prior) to an appointment

  • Your usual cycling clothing and footwear*
  • Your bike*
  • Any relevant reports/imaging (e.g. Xray, MRI, CT or ultrasound scans) if getting assessed in relation to a specific injury or medical/health condition
  • Referral letter (If referred for an assessment)
  • Means of payment (card or cash) 
Optional (but recommended)
  • Any potentially useful bicycle components you may have on hand (e.g. different handlebar stems, spare saddles, fresh cleats etc.) in the event time is available to make adjustments
  • Private Health Fund card if you wish to claim a rebate on the spot (see here for participating funds – select Physiotherapists)

Post-purchase fitting

Once you have taken possession of your new bike it is recommended that you book a SUBSEQUENT BIKE FIT / BIKE FIT REVIEW to have your fit dialled in and complete the process.

Note that our BIKE FIT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE does not apply without post-purchase fitting as measurements gained from the PRE-PURCHASE FIT are approximate only for reasons stated under “What to expect” above. This is also contingent on pre-purchase advice being followed so please contact us in advance if our advice is unable to be followed for any reason (we may be able to suggest suitable alternatives). 

Terms of Service

 This service is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (see website footer). 

Inclusions for stock and custom pre-purchase fitting are detailed in their respective sections above.



Payment in full is due at the end of your consultation unless prior arrangements have been made.


Late Attendance

If you arrive late we may not be able to provide you with the full booked duration, however, the minimum fee will still apply. We recognise that sometimes things get in the way of arriving on time and so we allow a 10min grace period following your scheduled appointment start time before commencing billing for our time.


Cancellation / Rescheduling

Notice of intent to cancel or reschedule must be received by 5pm the day prior for morning appointments and by 7am on the day for afternoon appointments to avoid cancellation fees. This is so that we have sufficient opportunity to make the appointment to available to other clients and avoid financial harm to our business.

If notice of your intent to cancel/reschedule is not received by the above times then a fee equal to 50% of the consultation fee will apply. This fee may be reduced or waived at our sole discretion where extenuating circumstances exist.