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512 Road Pedals | SQlab


Clipless road pedals available in four different axis lengths to accommodate a wide variety of pelvic widths and lower limb alignments.

Compatible with Look Keo cleats.

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Brand: SQlab

Road Pedals

The new 512 road bike clipless pedal ensures a gentle, ergonomic and dynamic riding position on the bike. A range of axle lengths allows riders with varying lower limb alignment to be accommodated and permits pedalling in a natural anatomical position.
  • light road bike pedal from 235g/pair
  • ergonomic foot position for a better power transmission and comfort
  • 4 different axis lengths
  • adjustable entry and exit tension

Which axle length?

Shorter axle:
These pedals are seldom used, but still have their justification. The short axis is suitable for cyclists with small shoe sizes who can ride in a parallel foot position. The so-called Q-factor is therefore lower. Especially in combination with a narrow sit bone distance and narrow hip width it makes sense to stand with the feet as close together as possible. The short axis length is also suitable for children.
Standard axle:
The standard size, for all those who get along well with the pedals of the market leaders in this field.
Longer axles:
This is important for people whose foot position is V-shaped when viewed from above. If the feet are placed parallel on the pedals, this no longer corresponds to the natural position and this can lead to complaints in the knees. With the SQlab click pedals, the cleat can usually be adjusted without problems. However, since it is then usually too narrow for the heel, which drags on the crank or frame, the longer axis of the SQlab pedals simply provides more space for this foot position.

Additional information


Intended use


Axle length (crank to pedal centre)

Small -5mm (50mm), Medium +/-0mm (53.7mm), Large +8mm (61.8mm), Extra-Large +15mm (68.4mm)

Weight - pair (g)

235, 250, 260, 270


CROMO axle / CFK body

Cleat compatibility

Compatible with Look Keo pedal system