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If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your bike fit then Cycle Dynamics will review your fit within 30-days at no additional cost if unable to resolve any issue with phone/email advice.* If you are still not satisfied following the review then we will fully or partially refund your bike fit consultation fee, depending on the circumstances.

* With respect to symptoms arising from injury or chronic neuromusculoskeletal disorders, we cannot guarantee that a bike fit will provide significant or lasting relief, however, we are more than willing to review your fit at no extra cost in the event of exacerbation (worsening) of your symptoms.

The above is contingent upon / subject to:

  • any limitations identified and communicated to you during or after your consultation and/or as noted on your bike fit report (e.g. we cannot be reasonably expected to warranty a bike fit performed at your request on a bicycle that is not a good match for your body structure, needs and/or physical capabilities).
  • compliance with all reasonable advice and recommendations, including but not limited to recommended parts, strength and flexibility exercises, changes to training practices and ongoing healthcare management where deemed appropriate and necessary to achieve your desired outcome.
  • you having disclosed pertinent information when asked, or that which you could have been reasonably expected to provide, during or prior to your bike fit consultation (e.g. relevant past injury/medical history).

Please note that this is not intended to cover transient muscle soreness/discomfort and/or diminished performance that may be experienced during a period of physical adaptation to a new position (most issues of this nature are relatively minor and diminish significantly within 2-4 weeks of regular riding).

Products Supplied During Bike Fits

Cycle Dynamics recognises that it may not always be possible for riders to determine that a given product will achieve their desired comfort or performance goals within a bike fit consultation – there is no simply no substitute for evaluation under real-world conditions. With this in mind, when one of the following products is recommended and supplied by Cycle Dynamics in the course of providing cycling assessment and bike fitting services, you may request to return the item for exchange or refund within 30-days if you are not satisfied.

Applicable products:

  • Saddles
  • Cranksets (incl. any bottom bracket supplied with the crankset)
  • Handlebars / aerobars
  • Stems
  • Pedal extenders
  • Pedals (excepting cleats if worn)
  • Bike fit accessories
  • Other non-consumable products not posing a hygiene risk

Where a product is returned for exchange for a similar product stocked by Cycle Dynamics, we will fit the new item at no additional charge for time/labour. If returned for a refund then we will re-instate your original equipment upon request, replicating the fit achieved on the returned item so far as practical. Note that any additional work beyond this scope will be billed for at our standard hourly rate. In the case that an item is returned for a refund and an alternative product sourced elsewhere, services provided by Cycle Dynamics to fit the alternative equipment will be billed for at standard rates.

To be eligible for a full refund or credit the products must be returned in as new condition along with all original packing. The customer is also responsible for any shipping and mechanic’s fees where a mechanic is required to uninstall a product (e.g. cranksets and bottom brackets). In order to cover costs associated with restocking and the need to subsequently discount products where they are no longer in “as new” condition, a restocking fee of up to 30% of the sale price may be applied at Cycle Dynamics’ discretion. Damaged goods and those displaying significant marking or wear will not be accepted for return or exchange.

An exception to the above are any goods where a test product has been supplied for a period of evaluation (e.g. test saddles). Provision of a test product gives ample opportunity to come to a decision regarding their suitability and comfort and so sales are final once you agree to have the normal retail (non-test) product supplied and installed.