If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your bike fit then Cycle Dynamics will review your fit within 60-days at no additional cost if unable to resolve any issue with phone/email advice. Following this review, if you are still not satisfied we will refund your bike fit consultation fee, subject to the following:

  • any limitations identified and communicated to you during or after your consultation and/or as noted on your bike fit report (e.g. we cannot be reasonably expected to warranty a bike fit performed at your request on a bicycle that is not a good match for you).
  • compliance with all reasonable advice and recommendations, including but not limited to installation of recommended parts, strength and flexibility exercises, changes to training practices and further healthcare management where deemed appropriate and necessary to achieve your desired outcome.
  • you having disclosed information that materially impacts on the bike fit decision-making process when asked, or that which you could have been reasonably expected to provide, during or prior to your bike fit consultation (e.g. relevant injury and medical history)
  • where symptoms arising from injury, other musculoskeletal conditions and medical problems are present, our guarantee is limited to circumstances where worsening or exacerbation of symptoms has occurred that is directly attributable to cycling on the bike we fitted

Please note that transient muscle soreness or short term negative impacts on performance may be experienced during a period of physical adaptation to a new position. Most issues of this nature are relatively minor and diminish significantly within a few weeks of regular riding. We therefore ask that you give your body a chance to settle into the new setup before requesting a review.