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Innerbarends® 411 | SQlab

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Innerbarends allow a narrower hand position and lean the upper body slightly more forward, providing both an aerodynamic and biomechanical advantage.


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Brand: SQlab

Moving the hand this far inwards positions the elbows such that they can comfortably rest against your torso and also stretches the upper body position slightly more forward. This is both an aerodynamic and biomechanical advantage.

Bar ends stem from the early days of mountain biking and are, if required, mounted to the outer ends of the handlebars.

From an ergonomic perspective this is a very good idea. In course of time however, as straight bars became less favoured and sales of riser bars increased instead, the bar ends slowly disappeared. Now however, as the rise of mountain bike bars has reduced again and instead the bars have become low and wider, bar-ends make sense again.

But with one small difference, we mount the bar ends inwards of the grips, so called Innerbarends®, that is where the name with the slight contradiction stems came from.


Additional information

Weight.19 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 cm

108g / pair


Black / Orange

Clamping diameter



Reinforced carbon fibre

Intended use

MTB, City / Comfort, Trekking / Touring